The CMI Foundation’s mission is to affect positive change by crossing boundaries – raising awareness and increasing understanding of key issues through the power of storytelling.


Starting in 2010, Cross Media International began dedicating time and resources in support of various causes on a pro bono basis, helping to reach millions of viewers through the mediums of film, television, video, print, and live events.

The CMI Foundation continues to build upon past projects with several new initiatives currently in development, all of which is further detailed below.

Current projects

 “McNears of Marin”

Documentary Short

A short documentary about Bob Thomas and the McNear family of Marin County, California. Born in 1929, Bob’s personal story and that of his McNear ancestors ties together the histories of the Native Americans, the settlers of China Camp, and the Bay Area pioneers. Directed by Ryan Loughlin with archival film transfer and editing support from The CMI Foundation, featuring never-before-seen 16 mm footage from Bob Thomas’ personal archives.



A documentary series about the people and places that have made Oakland, CA the most culturally diverse city in America. Ranging from 19th century artists and activists such as Joaquin Miller, to modern day civil rights leaders such as Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, founders of the Black Panther Party.

“Joaquin et al.”


First installment in the “Oaklander” series, focused on the life of a once famed poet, Joaquin Miller, who has largely been forgotten despite being one of America’s most prolific writers as well as being an early civil rights activist and environmentalist. Additional writers and artists who worked and even lived alongside Joaquin at his pseudo-artists colony – “The Hights” in the hills of Oakland – such as sculptress Gertrude Boyle and Japanese poet, Takeshi Kanno, will also be featured.

Past Projects

Artwork Preservation

Worked with a former Studio Ghibli staff to find an institutional partner to house a rare collection of production artwork. 

Centenarian Profile

Hosted, filmed, and edited an interview of Zoe Dell marking the 80th anniversary of her involvement with the GGIE.

Black Lives Matter

Sponsored and filmed a symposium marking the 75th anniversary of an epic tragedy and social injustice.  

Peace & Beauty

Supported a look back at Japan’s era of “Peace Everywhere” while looking forward to the new era of “Beautiful Harmony.”

Crossing Cutlures

Bridged cultural divides by brining an innovative artist to America while introducing his work to wider audiences.

Social Contributions

Co-developed and produced TV specials to highlight various social causes and inspire action for the greater good.

Exposing Genocide

Highlighted George Clooney’s efforts to raise awareness of atrocities committed by the Sudanese military in Darfur. 

Environmental Sustainability

Worked with Iseya Yusuke to inform people about the “Rebirth Project” focused on sustainable development. 

Fighting Diabetes

Partnered with NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson, to raise money for those unable to afford vital medical supplies.

Disaster Recovery

Highlighted Brad Pitt’s efforts to “Make It Right” by helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina rebuild homes and their lives.

Clean Water

Worked with Matt Damon to raise awareness about the critical need for universal access to clean water.

Refugee Support

Partnered with the United Nations and Angelina Jolie to raise awareness about the plight of vulnerable refugees.

Unite for Japan

Co-Produced a PSA supporting victims of Japan’s March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters.

Matsui Kizuna311

Helped baseball legend Hideki Matsui to bring his personal message of support to Japan following the 3/11 disasters.

Dedication to Japan

Co-Produced a series of celebrity video messages in support of Japan following the 3/11 disasters.

SF Kizuna311

Produced a series of video messages from the people of San Francisco in support of Japan following the 3/11 disasters.

Greenpeace Kizuna311

Produced a video covering a Greenpeace event and video messages in support of Japan following the 3/11 disasters.

NY Kizuna311

Produced a series of video messages from the people of New York in support of Japan following the 3/11 disasters.

Environmental Protection

Co-Produced a documentary short about protecting ancient trees at Yakushima’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fighting Hunger

Hosted a film screening to raise money in support of fighting hunger in developing countries and reducing obesity in America.

Art & Heritage

Captured an innovative modern art installation at one of the oldest and most sacred shrines in all of Japan.


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